Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about HomeAccessory.com.au

The following are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about HomeAccessory.com.au they include answers to our shipping and handling procedures, time of shipping, where we deliver and a glossary of the terms used on HomeAccessory.com.au


Shipments and returns

Your pack shipment

Packages are generally dispatched within 2 days after receipt of payment and are shipped via the most convenient delivery method for your area. Some delivery systems will allow online tracking others will have no tracking available. All deliveries require a signature, if the delivery driver arrives to find nobody to sign for the package, a note will be left with a phone number where you can arrange for pickup of the parcel.

Shipping fees include handling and packing fees as well as postage costs. Handling fees are fixed, whereas transport fees vary according to total weight of the shipment. We advise you to group your items in one order. We cannot group two distinct orders placed separately, and shipping fees will apply to each of them. Your package will be dispatched at your own risk, but special care is taken to protect fragile objects.

Boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected.

Cancellations & Returns

Any claims for shortages, damaged goods or incorrect supplied goods must be notified within 3 days of receipt by email, fax or post receipt of which must be acknowledged by us. No responsibility will be accepted after 3 days. If an item has been incorrectly supplied, received damaged or is faulty then follow the Returns Procedures as follows:

  • Contact us within 3 days of receipt as above
  • We will work out if the product needs to be returned to us or to the manufacturer
  • We will advise whether we will arrange collection or have you return the goods
  • In either case the cost of returning the goods will be paid by us


To apply for a refund, a return, or a replacement, you must contact us and in writing set out:

  • Your contact details
  • The history of the transaction
  • Proof of the purchase for which you now seek a return, refund or exchange
  • The reasons that you want a return, a refund, or a replacement; and
  • Any other information or materials we ask for that we believe is relevant to our decision

If we accept your reasons for a refund/return/replacement, you must deliver to us, at your expense, any products that were purchased. We will not issue your refund/return/replacement without receiving any outstanding monies/products.



Below is a list of some of the common terms used on HomeAccessory.com.au Home Accessories Shopping website.


A C-Pull handle curves out from the surface of the door/drawer in the shape of a letter C. Quite a common shape and very easy to use, easily slip you fingers into the gap and pull the door/drawer open.


A D-Pull handle normally has two straight post legs followed by a curve, more or less in the shape of a capital D.


A Rail handle usually has two straight post legs joined by a bar or rail that extends past the legs.


A T-Bar has just one post leg, surmounted by a bar or rail.

D or Ø

D or Ø followed by a number is an abbreviation for Diameter. The number is the diameter in millimetres of the knob or handle, eg. D25 or Ø25 is a diameter of 25mm and D30 or Ø30 is a diameter of 30mm


Normally diameter is associated with knobs and is the distance from one edge of the knob to the other at its widest point.


CC is the abbreviation for Centre to Centre it can also be used as "CtC" It is the measurement of the distance from the centre of one mounting screw hole to another mounting screw hole. In modern handles this is normally in System32 So the gaps increase by 32mm each time.


HC is the same as CC or CtC. HC followed by a number is an abbreviation for Hole Centre. The number is the distance in millimetres between the screw holes, eg. HC96 is Hole Centre 96mm and HC288 is Hole centre 288mm


Hole centre is the measurement between the centre of the screw holes on the handles. Thus a 96mm hole centre would indicate a distance of 96 millimetres between the centre of each post leg on the handle. Knobs typically only have one screw, so they don't have a hole centre.


Length is the overall length of the handle from one end to the other, and can be quite different in size to the hole centre, especially in the case of Rail handles.


Normally the post diameter is associated with Rail-type handles where the rail diameter is different from the post diameter.


Normally the rail diameter is associated with Rail-type handles where the rail diameter is different from the post diameter.


Projection is the distance the handle projects outwards from the surface of the door/drawer.


Finish is the kind of finish and/or colour of finish the handle/knob has:

  • ABL - Antique Black
  • ABR - Antique Brass
  • AL - Aluminium
  • BC - Bright Chrome
  • BLN - Black Nickel
  • BRN - Brushed Nickel
  • MB - Matt Black
  • PB - Polished Brass
  • PC - Polished Chrome
  • PEW - Pewter
  • PL - Platinum
  • SC - Satin Chrome
  • SS - Stainless Steel
  • SSS - Satin Stainless Steel


Material is what the handle/knob is made from some of the common materials are:

  • ACR - Acrylic
  • ALU - Aluminium
  • BR - Brass
  • CM - Ceramic
  • GL - Glass
  • HB - Hollow Brass
  • K9 - K9 Crystal
  • LTH - Leather
  • PC - Porceline
  • PL - Plastic
  • SB - Solid Brass
  • SS - Stainless Steel
  • WD - Wood
  • ZA - Zinc Alloy


Code is our internal stock code. It helps us work out which handle and/or knob you are ordering, what colour and what size.


Stock Keeping Unit is our internal stock code. It helps us work out which handle and/or knob you are ordering, what colour and what size.

Paypal Stripe Bank Deposits
Paypal Stripe Bank Deposits

Secure payment

We only use Stripe, PayPal or Bank Deposit for payments.

This means we store no financial information on our servers. We do not have access to your PayPal or Banking accounts, nor do we have access to your credit card numbers or information, this information is stored either at Stripe, PayPal or your Bank.

The information you give us, namely your name, password and delivery information, is passed encrypted through our Secure Socket Layer (SSL). What this means is before you enter any information, there is an encrypted tunnel formed between your browser and our website, this encrypted tunnel allows you to enter the information and pass it through to us.

For more information on PayPal's Secure Payments or How secure is PayPal click one of the previous links.

For more information on Stripe Secure Payments or Stripe Payment Details click on one of the previous links.

For more information on how secure your Bank is please visit your Banks Website or give them a Call.

Shipping and Handling
Shipping Time


Shipping and Handling costs begin at $12.50 inc GST and increase depending on the weight and dimensions of the order, they also depend on what state you are as we use a variety of different methods to get the product to you. Including Australia Post and various couriers/delivery companies. We always attempt to have the products delivered to your door, but in the case of some remote areas, this is not always possible.

The procedure from Australia Post and Courier/Delivery companies is to attempt to deliver the products once. If you or someone you nominate is not at the address a card with Australia Post or Courier/Delivery companies details will be left at the site. You will then need to contact Australia Post or Courier/Delivery company for further delivery details.

The shopping cart always updates and displays the cost of delivery to your door. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact us.

Shipping Time


We normally dispatch the goods within 2 working days. Most deliveries are complete within 2 working days of our dispatch. So the usual waiting time is no more than 4 working days from your order until you receive the goods.

We do not ship goods on weekends or public holidays. Different states have different days for public holidays, so please take that into account. Industrial action and any other force majeure can also affect the time of delivery. Sometimes if we have run out of stock the delivery time can be delayed. In such cases we will contact you and let you know the amount of delay and give you the option of refunding your money.

What is PayPal?
What is PayPal?

What Is PayPal?

PayPal, the trusted leader in online payments, enables buyers and businesses to send and receive money online. PayPal has over 100 million member accounts in 190 countries and regions. It's accepted by merchants everywhere, both on and off eBay.

Is it safe to use?

PayPal helps protect your credit card information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. When you use PayPal, your financial information is never shared with the merchant.

Why use PayPal?

  • Credit Card Security
  • Flexibility
  • Make purchases or send money with PayPal - it's free
  • Shop and pay conveniently by saving your information with PayPal
  • PayPal is accepted by millions of businesses worldwide and is one of the preferred payment methods on eBay

Start using PayPal today!

What Is Stripe?

Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, we make use of best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security at Stripe.

Is it safe to use?

Stripe's killer feature when they first launched was Stripe.js. When you use Stripe.js on your website, the credit card data entered into your payment form is never sent to our server. Instead, the data is sent directly to Stripe. Why is this so important?

It automatically insures the transaction is PCI compliant because we don't handle any sensitive credit card data on our website. Your information bypasses our system and is tokenized and stored in the secure Servers of Stripe.

This is more secure because if a breach of our website occurred, it still wouldn't result in your credit card data being stolen.

Why use Stripe?

  • Credit Card Security
  • Flexibility
  • Make purchases with Stripe - is free of any extra charges to you.
  • Stripe is accepted by millions of businesses worldwide and is one of the most preferred payment methods on modern websites.

Start using Stripe today!

Where do we Deliver
Where do we Deliver


We have successfully delivered products to all States of Australia:

  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
  • Queensland (QLD)
  • New South Wales (NSW)
  • Northern Territory (NT)
  • South Australia (SA)
  • Tasmania (TAS)
  • Victoria (VIC)
  • Western Australia (WA)

We have delivered to remote corners of outback Australia, large country towns and major metropolitan areas.

New Zealand Deliveries

Lately we have been asked by quite a few customers from New Zealand if we could deliver, and we have been able to. Not all of our range can be sent internationally, but some definitely can be. We do a separate invoice for the New Zealand clients. There is a slight increase in freight costs, and an additional waiting period for delivery, as we use freight companies, we cannot ship to New Zealand Post Boxes. Some of our range can also be shipped to other countries, it depends on the range and the country, if you like our range just send us a message we will let you know if we can ship them at a reasonable rate.

United States of America & United Kingdom

We have also successfully delivered to the United States of America and the United Kingdom, not all of our range can be shipped internationally, but we maybe able to help if you like something in our range. Just message us and we will endeavour to help you.